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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AVON's Bonus Size Savings Event - Home Spa Time

Home Spa Time!

From Bubble Bath Luxury Soaking to the Wonderful Moisturizing Lotions
Everything you need for your Home Spa Time is on Sale & many items in Bonus Size

Relax after a week of long hard work in your own home
How do you make your own Home Spa Experience?
I'll share my home spa with you...

Like the majority of people I have a simple tub
I use to have one of those over the tub plug in jet stream/bubbler purchased at WalMart but it finally gave out
I'd prep for my home spa by making certain everyone was AWAY Somewhere
Ideally a whole Afternoon for myself to unwind & just enjoy
The hardest decision is to Decide do I want Bubbles or Bath Oil?
Then turn on some soft music for my mood

While I've got the tub filling with HOT water & bubbles
I Apply Conditioner to my hair & Twist on Top of my head
Then I Wrap my hair in Plastic Wrap
Then over that I Wrap my head in one of those Turbie-Twist Turbans
This creates a wonderful Deep Heat Conditioning for my hair

Candles or Incense?
Well that choice is yours sometimes I do both sometimes neither
But if you use either make certain that you have them in/on something
meant for holding burning items & away from TP & Towels that might catch fire
It's up to you this is Your Spa Day what ever makes you feel good

Now get in that tub & just soak your cares away
minimum amount of soak time 15 mins...
maximum??? well there are times I stay in until I'm wrinkled up like a prune

Now that you've gotten out the spa time isn't quite over
Towel off only lightly so you're not dripping
Now enjoy your favorite fragrance in lotion form
Pay special attention to your elbows & heels

After applying your lotion it's time to tend to your hair
Do you set your hair in curlers or blow dry?
Tend to your hair according to what is planned for your day/evening next

Now it's up to you if you proceed into the PJs & Bed or Get Dressed & face the rest of the day

I hope you enjoy your Home Spa Time at least once a week (0;}

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