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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Best Present Ever! Baby's Day Out Bundle




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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm your secret admirer. :) we were friends on facebook. wanna have a blind date?

If we "Were Friends" on facebook does that mean you "Unfriended me" & we are no longer friends? Although I am flattered by your offer I do not think that my Husband wants for US to go out on "Blind Dates" so we'll have to pass on that

Ask me anything about Avon Products

Ask me anything about Avon Products

Have you prepared for any zombie outbreak? If yes, How?

I am not FULLY Prepared as the CDC has advised us to be prepared for the eventual Zombie Attack ....
BUT I am prepared with most of the basics & we could survive for either a 72 hour "Bug Out" with some food & first aid or for "Hunkering Down" in the house for a short while & of course Avon Skin so Soft & SSS Bug Guard Plus in the home & cars already even the bugs won't be bothering us -
interesting are the items which Avon sells that can be used for "Prepping" for the "Bug Out Bag" like the Pocket Knife & Multi-Tool first offered Christmas time & the 3 in 1 Radio/Flashlight/Lantern offered this summer & last or the Combo Cooler Chair from last summer -
with all the weather & natural events occurring it only makes sense to get prepared for an emergency & if we look around the house we'll find that to put together a 72 hour kit at least is relatively easy to do if only people will take a couple of hours to put it together now while everything is fine so everything is in place ready to Grab & Go in the event an emergency occurs & there is a need to evacuate
Now what are you doing to be prepared as the CDC suggests for the eventual Zombie Attack?

Ask me anything about Avon Products