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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Work/Life balance, How do you manage? Is there still a burden on the women to do it all?

The Work/Life balance is constantly changing as our circumstances in life change; we need to adjust as the needs chnage, God & Family 1st then Work with the rest of the world coming afterwards. The burden "to do it all" is only there if a woman choses to buy into that lie. Each of us is built to handle certain life paths, some are meant to be CEOs single & childless & others were meant to Raise 10+ Children is either more valuable than the other? No! Should the woman who was meant to raise 10+ children be looked down upon by the woman who chose to be a CEO? Never & Shame on Any woman who would look down upon the other for the choice to Stay Home Raising a Family or for Choosing to Remain Single & Childless but Running a Business Fulltime as CEO. We each should be able to follow the path which we are best suited for in natural abilty without being made to feel either life path is something to feel badly for or the false pressure to do it all to please those around us who would try to mold us into their way of thinking about what women should be doing for work.

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