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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Have you prepared for any zombie outbreak? If yes, How?

I am not FULLY Prepared as the CDC has advised us to be prepared for the eventual Zombie Attack ....
BUT I am prepared with most of the basics & we could survive for either a 72 hour "Bug Out" with some food & first aid or for "Hunkering Down" in the house for a short while & of course Avon Skin so Soft & SSS Bug Guard Plus in the home & cars already even the bugs won't be bothering us -
interesting are the items which Avon sells that can be used for "Prepping" for the "Bug Out Bag" like the Pocket Knife & Multi-Tool first offered Christmas time & the 3 in 1 Radio/Flashlight/Lantern offered this summer & last or the Combo Cooler Chair from last summer -
with all the weather & natural events occurring it only makes sense to get prepared for an emergency & if we look around the house we'll find that to put together a 72 hour kit at least is relatively easy to do if only people will take a couple of hours to put it together now while everything is fine so everything is in place ready to Grab & Go in the event an emergency occurs & there is a need to evacuate
Now what are you doing to be prepared as the CDC suggests for the eventual Zombie Attack?

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